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A Thanksgiving Repast

Posted November 27, 2014. Filed in Carolyne Roehm, Holidays

As we gather round our Thanksgiving tables with friends and family let us remember the reason for this season and give thanks for our countless blessings and good fortune, and remember those less fortunate by reaching out in some way, no matter how small. May the beauty of this American tradition fill your homes and […]

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Traditional American Comfort

When I think of American traditions and our ideas of comfort I cannot separate those ideals from those of our country’s forefathers, the British. Invariably, English style decor figures into the dreamscape of our collective imagination when we design and build our traditional edifices, whether they be Georgian-style manors, British Colonial-style plantations, Regency-style townhouses or […]

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Seasonally and Simply Elegant

Posted November 17, 2014. Filed in Classic Chic, Classic Contemporary, Veere Greeney

Interior designer Veere Grenney and his partner David Oliver, creative director of Paint & Paper Library, opened the doors of their Regency townhouse in London once again, this time to the folks at Veranda for some holiday cheer. To the carefully edited chic interiors Grenney crafted in his imitable style – which he refers to […]

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Favorite Vintage Ads Friday: Quadrille

Posted November 14, 2014. Filed in Favorite Vintage Ads

Quadrille’s ad campaigns from the 1980’s were some of the best in the world of interiors. Their products were, and remain, in such demand that they didn’t have to announce to the consumer “We sell fabrics and wallcoverings, in case you didn’t know”. Their popular rep patterns covered walls, upholstered furniture,  covered chairs and ottomans, […]

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Oscar de la Renta: Punta Cana, c1990’s – 2014

Over thirty years ago Oscar de la Renta developed the sleepy town of Casa de Campo, his homeland in the Dominican Republic, into a luxurious resort where he entertained the jet set at his retreat Casa de Madera (the Wood House – see my post Oscar de la Renta: Casa de Campo c1970’s). The development’s […]

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Oscar de la Renta: New York, c1990’s – 2014

Today’s post is a continuation of several posts I promised to write on the homes of Oscar de la Renta following his passing in October, beginning with Au Revoir, Oscar. After marrying Annette Reed in 1989 Oscar moved from  his previous opulent apartment designed by Denning and Fourcade (Oscar de la Renta: New York, c.1980’s) […]

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Oscar de la Renta: Connecticut c1990

Posted November 7, 2014. Filed in English Country House Style, Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta reopened the doors of his country house, Brook Hill Farm, in Kent, Connecticut, again to House & Garden in the later 90’s (I covered the first publication of this property in Oscar de la Renta: Connecticut, 1986). After the death of his first wife, Françoise de Langlade, in 1983,  he married […]

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Oscar de la Renta: New York c1980’s

Posted November 6, 2014. Filed in Denning & Fourcade, Opulence, Oscar de la Renta, Vincent Fourcade

As Oscar de la Renta’s career skyrocketed in the 1970’s so did his lifestyle. Sometime around 1980 he and his then-wife, the late Françoise de Langlade, traded up from their previous apartment, which I featured in Oscar de la Renta: New York, c1970’s, to this much grander apartment overlooking Central Park on the Upper East […]

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Oscar de la Renta: Connecticut, 1986

In 1986 Oscar de la Renta invited House & Garden into the Kent, Connecticut, country house he had shared with his then-wife, the late Françoise de Langlade, who passed away in 1983. Françoise had been the Editor-at-Large for House & Garden, so it came as no surprise that the rooms she crafted were as elegant and magical […]

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Oscar de la Renta: Casa de Campo, c1970’s

Posted November 4, 2014. Filed in Oscar de la Renta, Tropical Style

The Dominican Republic retreat Oscar de la Renta shared with his then-wife, the late Françoise de Langlade, was designed with pure relaxation in mind. Photographed by Horst in 1974, simple wood construction and a mostly neutral color scheme of wicker, bamboo and batik textiles lends a sense of ease and calm. “Everything costs the minimum, […]

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Oscar de la Renta: New York, c1970’s

Posted November 3, 2014. Filed in Chinoiserie, Eclectic Tradition, Oscar de la Renta

As a follow-up to the prior week’s last post I will be featuring over the course of this week, as promised, the homes of Oscar de la Renta, who passed away on October 20th after an eight-year battle with cancer. The elegant fashion maestro and his family have inhabited homes in New York, Connecticut, and […]

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