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Winter Gardens

L’esprit du jardin d’hiver is in the air, a quest for a life-affirming sanctuary in colder climes. Russian royalty dedicated palaces to Winter, as with the sixteen-hundred room Winter Palace of the Romanov’s in St. Petersberg. Emperor Nikolai I decreed that Russian artist Eduard Gau create watercolor renderings of the Winter Palace’s interior, the Russian Empire’s […]

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Easy, Breezy Summertime Escapes

 A vintage print of Albert Hadley’s handsomely chic barn in Dark Harbor, Maine. Summertime … that heady, sexy time of the year when temperatures rise and the constraints of winter have long fallen away. A time we relax into a more casual pace and welcome the easy, breezy summer season with light-weight natural materials in […]

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American Chic: Vintage Bilhuber

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Long before I was aware that Jeffrey Bilhuber had worked with Tom Scheerer early in his career I discovered his talent and rising star as one of America’s greatest decorators in the May 1990 issue of House & Garden – his first major solo commission, for Judy and Michael Kraynick in the Lanark Upper Saucon […]

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American Chic

What is American Chic? For me, it has always been about effortless style. The kind of style that doesn’t shout “Look at me!” A style that is crisp and classic, balanced, often times understated yet always sophisticated, subtle and artfully layered, unfettered by excessive decor and, above all else, timeless. A style that honors the […]

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Traditional American Comfort

When I think of American traditions and our ideas of comfort I cannot separate those ideals from those of our country’s forefathers, the British. Invariably, English style decor figures into the dreamscape of our collective imagination when we design and build our traditional edifices, whether they be Georgian-style manors, British Colonial-style plantations, Regency-style townhouses or […]

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Great Outdoor Rooms: Verandas and Loggias

  Today’s post follows Loggia Living: My Top Three Picks. For the leading photo I’ve re-posted a loggia decorated by the late Antony Childs simply because it’s irresistibly chic. The other two loggias on my top three list – one designed by Jeffrey Bilhuber and another by Michael S. Smith – clearly conjures a common […]

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Loggia Living: My Top Three Picks

Today’s post is the second in a series of posts on outdoor rooms, the first of which was Great Outdoor Rooms: Plein-Air Living.  My original intention was to jump right in by sharing photos of all my favorite verandas and loggias but, in the process, took pause to consider three of my all-time favorite outdoor […]

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Past Perfect

When I first laid eyes upon Jeffrey’s Bilhuber’s guest room/study in his then new Manhattan apartment a few years back I immediately sensed familiarity, but I couldn’t place it. Had I seen this room before, in a previous incarnation, or did it remind me of another room, its impression floating somewhere in my memory? Recently […]

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The Allure of Orange

Orange as a color for decorating, or sartorial considerations for that matter, doesn’t often enter my design vocabulary for whatever reason. However, autumn is my favorite of the seasons and I practically become giddy with excitement at the first sign of autumn’s golden yellows, glowing oranges, and fiery reds. The color orange radiates warmth  and […]

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Hello, Yellow!

The color yellow has been getting its due lately. In just the past few months it seems to be popping optimistically from the pages of shelter magazines and design books. Perhaps it is a reflection of the times in which we live, with sights set on a brighter future, or a longing and remembrance of […]

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