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Le Pavillon des Rêves de Jacques Garcia

Posted September 29, 2014. Filed in Jacques Garcia, Orientalism, Pleasure Pavilions

Jacques Garcia has been renovating and perfecting his 17th-century château, Champ de Bataille, for over twenty-years, the subject of his second monograph recently released that I covered in A Man and His Castle: Château du Champ de Bataille. As with many grand estates of its period the decorative fantasies of its owner were expressed as […]

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A Man and His Castle: Château du Champ de Bataille

Posted July 21, 2014. Filed in Chateaux, French Country Houses, Jacques Garcia

Fresh off the presses is Spanish interior designer Jacques Garcia’s second monograph, Jacques Garcia: Twenty Years of Passion, featuring his beloved Château du Champ de Bataille, a 17th-century estate in Normandy. Garcia purchased the property twenty years ago, then in derelict state, and has worked tirelessly since restoring and furnishing every glorious inch to sublime delight. Four-hundred […]

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Folie de Jacques

Posted June 2, 2014. Filed in Chateaux, Follies & Pavilions, Jacques Garcia

Jacques Garcia conceived a fantastical pavilion, true to its origin, in the style of a decorated tent on the grounds of his chateau, Champ de Bataille, in Normandy, France. sometime in the  1990’s, several years after he purchased the expansive property. The English origin of the word pavilion comes from Old French, pavillon, based on […]

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