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Axel Vervoordt: The Art of the Room, Part II

Art is as natural to an Axel Vervoordt interior as the horizon is to a landscape. In my last post, Axel Vervoordt: The Art of the Room, Part I, photographs of vignettes taken within the designer’s Belgian castel focuses on his sensitive and exacting curatorial prowess at creating tableau that stirs the mind, soul and […]

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Axel Vervoordt: The Art of the Room, Part I

Since winter I have had a copy of the British Elle Decoration annual publication “Country” setting handily nearby with the intention of sharing a feature on the residence of May and Axel Vervoordt outside Antwerp, Belgium. However, soon it was buried beneath a pile of other intriguing publications, many of which are still on “the […]

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Past Meets Present

There is something about the holiday season that fills me up. And every year I look forward to it … to the merriment and good will; to the holiday treats and yuletide libations; to the mantels and banisters dressed with boughs of greenery; to the twinkling lights; to the spirit of Christmas and all it […]

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Throwback Thursday: Mimi London 1973

Posted September 25, 2014. Filed in Elemental Design, The California Look, Uncategorized

The year is 1973. Imagine receiving your January/February issue of Architectural Digest in the mail and laying your eyes on these rooms for the first time. Had you ever seen anything like it? Chances are you were witness to the inception of the California Look attributed to Michael Taylor. Alongside Taylor was interior designer Mimi […]

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Wabi-Sabi at the Greenwich Hotel

Posted May 12, 2014. Filed in Axel Vervoordt, Elemental Design

Belgian interior designer and antiquarian, Axel Vervoortd, recently cast his imitable style over a three-bedroom penthouse suite in New York’s Greenwich Hotel, owned by Robert De Niro and Ira Drukier. One-part Japanese farmhouse and another part aged stone château, the newly conceived aerie over Manhattan introduces an unexpected aesthetic in the city that never sleeps: […]

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The Philosopher Gardener – Part II

Posted April 8, 2014. Filed in Elemental Design, Fernando Caruncho, Organic Modern

I was immediately captivated but not entirely tuned in when I briskly scanned the April issue of Architectural Digest. I hesitated briefly on an article titled Natural Order and made a mental note to return when a moment of leisure presented itself. It wasn’t until that moment arrived that I realized why this particular feature […]

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The Philosopher Gardener – Part I

Posted April 7, 2014. Filed in Elemental Design, Fernando Caruncho, Organic Modern

Most of us have a dream home, a place not entirely tangible, even if just down the street. It’s the home of our imagination, the home we see ourselves in, in the future, in a perfect place, at the right time. My own dream home has changed styles and locales over the years but there […]

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Posted January 11, 2014. Filed in Axel Vervoordt, Chalets, Elemental Design

The chalet pictured above appears as though it could have been perched on this Alpine slope for two-or-three-hundred years, preserved with great care and affection by its succession of stewards. But in fact it was only recently constructed by antiquarian and interior designer Axel Vervoordt and his wife, May. Sited with an enviable view high […]

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