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At Home with Angelo Donghia

Posted October 1, 2015. Filed in American Chic, Angelo Donghia, Classic Contemporary

“There are not very many creative designers in America, but Angelo is one of them.” — Halston While Angelo Donghia may have been interior designer to the rich and famous he was, himself, no sybarite. Rather, he was a determined and hard working professional who happened to also appreciate the value of creating attractive and […]

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Angelo Donghia Retrospective

Posted September 29, 2015. Filed in American Chic, Angelo Donghia, Classic Contemporary

  Since I began my blog two years ago I have wanted to write a post about American interior design icon Angelo Donghia.  And now, with a retrospective of his work in full swing at the New York School of Interior Design Gallery, there may never be a better time to honor one of America’s […]

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Seasonally and Simply Elegant

Posted November 17, 2014. Filed in Classic Chic, Classic Contemporary, Veere Greeney

Interior designer Veere Grenney and his partner David Oliver, creative director of Paint & Paper Library, opened the doors of their Regency townhouse in London once again, this time to the folks at Veranda for some holiday cheer. To the carefully edited chic interiors Grenney crafted in his imitable style – which he refers to […]

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Throwback Thursday: Geoffrey Bennison

Posted October 9, 2014. Filed in Classic Contemporary, Geoffrey Bennison

Sometimes I start things without giving them due attention. My Throwback Thursday series might just be one such example. Posting “vintage” – and I use the word loosely – interiors is hardly breaking my mold. I post about classic and timeless interiors from the past – traditional or modern, and everything in between – more […]

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Forever Hicks

Posted September 17, 2014. Filed in Classic Chic, Classic Contemporary, Classical Moderne, David Hicks

Forty-nine years ago, in 1965, David Hicks decorated this apartment for an undisclosed client, referred to as “Lady X”, comprising two floors running the length of two 1830’s houses overlooking Hyde Park in London. In 2003 his son, Ashley Hicks, was alerted to its preserved state and was encouraged to view it when he was […]

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Throwback Thursday: John Siddeley

Posted August 21, 2014. Filed in Classic Contemporary

Every once in awhile I encounter rooms I’ve never seen before or a designer whose work I’m not familiar with. But this is very rare, as I’ve been consuming interior design and decoration since I was about the age of thirteen. The bookcase in my study is chock-a-block with shelter magazines dating back to the […]

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Throwback Thursday: Rubén de Saavedra

Posted July 31, 2014. Filed in Classic Chic, Classic Contemporary, Rubén de Saavedra

Rubén de Saavedra, a Spanish interior designer, hit his mark in the 1970’s, often gracing the pages of Architectural Digest. With bravado he transformed traditional rooms into theatrical stages for modern living – a look that today brings to mind the work of Kelly Wearstler and Jean-Louis Deniot. Merging contemporary and classic design with shots […]

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Throwback Thursday: William Gaylord

Today’s Throwback Thursday post features a long-standing favorite designer of mine from the 1970’s, William Gaylord. His style defined the clean, crisp, classic and contemporary aesthetic of California design at the time, a style that would usher in a new American chic with the advent of the California Look, made popular by Michael Taylor. For […]

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Favorite Vintage Ads Friday: J. Robert Scott

I have retained a rather large lot of “vintage” issues of Architectural Digest that dates back to the 1970’s but it appears that there were not many ads taken out by J. Robert Scott until the later 1980’s, a company who usually exclusively advertised in the Los Angeles based magazine. I use the word “vintage” […]

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Throwback Thursday: François Catroux c. 1977

Posted June 12, 2014. Filed in Classic Contemporary, François Catroux

Today’s post is the second installment of Throwback Thursday featuring one of interior designer François Catroux’s early commissions for a bachelor, who had just purchased a spacious apartment in a grand and old elegant building in one of Paris’s most fashionable sections. Catroux’s new client’s apartment was well-suited to his maxim that the best of […]

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