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Directoire-Deco: Henri Garelli

I want to share with you my favorite project of French-Italian architect and interior designer Henri Garelli that synthesizes three key architectural and decorative styles favored by the designer: 18th-century elegance, Neoclassicism, and 1930’s-style glamour. The World of Interiors published the Paris apartment of his client, a former confrére of President Mitterrand, in 2006 – […]

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Mediterranean Blues

The villa of Nicola del Roscio in the ancient fishing village of Gaeta, in the Lazio region of Italy, is quite possibly one of the most enchanting Italian villas I’ve laid my eyes on. My favorite – one I greatly admire and look to for endless inspiration – is the late Cy Twombly’s palazzo apartment […]

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Hail Stephen!

Stephen Sills, that is – the classically-inspired interior designer with an American point of view. Sir Sills is the decorator’s decorator, the one that can’t be copied with any success. Have you ever tried to copy a Rothko or a Pollack? I have, with disastrous results. Yes, it’s true, be yourself. It’s your only fate. […]

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Hail, Anthony!

Posted September 25, 2013. Filed in Anthony Hail, Classic Elegance, Neoclassical

Anthony Hail, that is – the late, great arbiter of classical restraint who ruled over the San Francisco Bay Area’s design cognoscenti beginning in the 1950’s until his passing in 2006, fashioning timeless interiors for elite patrons. On October 8th select lots of furnishings and objets d’arts from the estate he shared with his late […]

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Russian Fantasia, Then and Now

Posted September 10, 2013. Filed in Neoclassical, Peter Marino

In April of this year psychologist, writer and intellectual Mona Ackerman’s co-op apartment at 1020 Fifth Avenue, opposite the Met, went on the market for $25 million following her death. Oh, and by the way, that would be cash only, if you’re interested. In the late 1980’s Ms. Ackerman hired society architect and interior designer […]

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Cabinet of Wonder – Part IV

Posted April 9, 2013. Filed in John Soane, Neoclassical, Romantic Classical Style

In the fourth installment of Cabinets of Wonder we visit the Sir John Soane House and Museum at 13 Lincoln’s Inn Fields in London, an early 19th-century classical Regency townhouse filled with a rich collection of books, classical antiquities, and works of art. Soane was a voracious intellectual in the vein of Thomas Jefferson. He […]

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Crow Hill

Margaret Rogers came to America from Ireland to stay with relatives after the death of her half-brother’s father. Bonds were made and Margaret decided to stay on, eventually marrying Charles Whiting. Here, in New York’s Columbia County, she brought to life her dream of building an 18th-century Irish Neoclassical temple. Fifteen years ago Crow Hill […]

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