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Hunt Country Simplicity

The hunt season is in full swing. In the states Virginia is the center of this long-standing tradition, which begins as early as September – a tradition carried over by our forefathers from Great Britain, where it originated in the 16th-century. You can read about its history and traditions in my post Hunt Country Style. […]

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Loggia Living: My Top Three Picks

Today’s post is the second in a series of posts on outdoor rooms, the first of which was Great Outdoor Rooms: Plein-Air Living.  My original intention was to jump right in by sharing photos of all my favorite verandas and loggias but, in the process, took pause to consider three of my all-time favorite outdoor […]

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Hunt Country Style

The time-honored tradition of the hunt is in full swing, beginning as early as September, despite a 2004 law forbidding the actual killing of foxes in the UK, where it originated in the 16th-century. For true hunt masters and their servants (fellow huntsman, not personal attendants or wait staff) it is the thrill of the […]

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