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Easy, Breezy Summertime Escapes

 A vintage print of Albert Hadley’s handsomely chic barn in Dark Harbor, Maine. Summertime … that heady, sexy time of the year when temperatures rise and the constraints of winter have long fallen away. A time we relax into a more casual pace and welcome the easy, breezy summer season with light-weight natural materials in […]

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Classic + Modern Mix

One of my favorite approaches to decorating a room is mixing classic and modern design elements. Modern paintings, or perhaps a gleaming Claude Lalanne chair, in a predominantly traditional room adds verve and prevents the room from becoming staid. Conversely, a predominantly contemporary, or even modern, space is heightened by an occasional classic flourish – […]

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Throwback Thursday: High Style on Stinson Beach

Posted August 14, 2014. Filed in Coastal Chic, Sally Sirkin Lewis

  Note: I intended to post this last Thursday but lack of WiFi, and sketchy service pretty much everywhere, turned my vacation into … well, a bona fide vacation! Here’s more from Stinson Beach … Is it Thursday already? Please, say it isn’t so! That can only mean that our time in Stinson Beach is […]

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The McGuire’s in Stinson Beach

Posted August 11, 2014. Filed in Coastal Chic, McGuire, Pan-Asian Style

Since before I was born my family has returned time and again to our favorite California beach, our summer home away from home, Stinson Beach. My mother and father discovered it for themselves in the 1950’s on one of their romantic road trips in my father’s red Austin Healey, and it was love at first […]

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Those Lazy-Hazy-Crazy Days of Summer

For me August defines “those lazy-hazy-crazy days of summer” – a tune originally made popular by Nat King Cole. As summer’s heat intensifies and the air becomes still a languid lull sets in, where it seems all one can do is sit quietly, relax and drink in the nearest quenching facility of water. The houses […]

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