Favorite Vintage Ads Friday: Quadrille

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Posted November 14, 2014. Filed in Favorite Vintage Ads

Quadrille Favorite Vintage Ad Fridays-1980's

Quadrille’s ad campaigns from the 1980’s were some of the best in the world of interiors. Their products were, and remain, in such demand that they didn’t have to announce to the consumer “We sell fabrics and wallcoverings, in case you didn’t know”. Their popular rep patterns covered walls, upholstered furniture,  covered chairs and ottomans, and framed windows. The vignettes, and often times rooms, created for their campaigns were some times real rooms designed by interior designers for their clients or decorator show houses. Unfortunately, credit was never given so, unless one is familiar with a particular setting, one can only guess if it was real or imagined. Yet there was a common thread that ran through their ad campaigns, an informed yet unstudied insouciance of pared down luxury and homely comfort. In this ad a simple cotton with a rep pattern forms the backdrop for a neoclassical chest displaying a collection of Asian porcelain and personal bibelots, including two humble framed art works. The amaryllis, sprig of orchid and lemon tree contribute to the vignette’s refined country house-style aesthetic. Highly personal, it is hard to imagine this was not a real room lovingly attended to by someone with style and flair.