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Cabinet of Wonder – Part III

One of London’s leading dealers of garden and antique furniture opened the doors to his private inner sanctum for The World of Interiors in 1994. Peter Hone’s London flat in Ladbroke Square is a pantheon to classical ornamentation in the spirit of collector and antiquaire Sir John Soane. Walls and every surface bear the owner’s […]

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Cabinet of Wonder – Part II

Posted March 17, 2013. Filed in English Style Eclecticism, Orientalism, The Collectors

In the previous post, Cabinet of Wonder, we visited Malplaquet House, the eccentric Renaissance-inspired London home of collectors Tim Knox and Todd Longstaffe-Gowan. In the second of five installments addressing modern day cabinets of wonder we visit the London flat of antique dealer Peter Hinwood, where English nineteenth-century-style eclecticism informs the decor and broad range […]

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Cabinet of Wonder

Posted March 15, 2013. Filed in Malplaquet House, The Collectors

The present-day rooms featured in this post originate from an age-old tradition of collecting reminiscent of history’s great antiquarians. Tracing back to the Renaissance, the cabinet of curiosities was an encyclopedic collection of types of objects which categorically had yet been defined. They have been referred to by various names, such as Cabinet of Wonder, […]

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Palacio de Castillo

Lorenzo Castillo’s 11,000 square foot duplex apartment within a 17th-century neoclassical palace in Madrid (which had also served as convent and warehouse for theatrical costumes) has been featured in numerous design publications over the past few years. I recall the emotional pull of these rooms the moment I peeled a page of the U.S. edition of […]

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Sweet Suite de Castillo

Posted March 8, 2013. Filed in Lorenzo Castillo, The New Eclectic

One of today’s talented and in-demand interior designers is the Spaniard, Lorenzo Castillo, whose Madrid townhouse ensconced within a palace is fast becoming legendary and much copied. With bold strokes of color reminiscent of David Hicks and layered rooms conceived with the eye of a romantic classicist,  el estilo del Castillo is defining today’s New […]

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Crow Hill

Margaret Rogers came to America from Ireland to stay with relatives after the death of her half-brother’s father. Bonds were made and Margaret decided to stay on, eventually marrying Charles Whiting. Here, in New York’s Columbia County, she brought to life her dream of building an 18th-century Irish Neoclassical temple. Fifteen years ago Crow Hill […]

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