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Toujours Provence

Summertime in Provence is a feast for the senses – fields of sleep-inducing lavender contrasting the positively sunny disposition of row upon row of sunflowers; the colorful and tempting displays of fruit, vegetables and flowers at village marchés arranged in eye-catching compositions reminiscent of a Cezanne or Van Gogh; aromatic herbs carrying their heady notes […]

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Atelier Calder

Posted June 18, 2013. Filed in Ateliers

There is something particularly fascinating – fantastical, even – about an artist’s studio, where the artist spends much of his, or her, time wielding the tools of their trade. They’re alchemists, many of them, fashioning gold from metal, leaving clues here and there that hint at their guarded secrets and imagined worlds. One such environment […]

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Monsieur Moderne – Part Quatre

Posted June 9, 2013. Filed in Moderne, Uncategorized

Though begun in 1932, Villa Cavrois did not reach its epogee until 1947, after the Nazi’s had commandeered it during World War II. It was designed and built by Robert Mallet-Stevens for inustrialist Paul Cavrois in the city of Roubaix, near the Belgian border. When the house was finally completed in the post-war years it […]

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