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Dreams Are Made of This

Posted March 30, 2015. Filed in Palazzi, Piero Castellini Baldiserra, Winter Garden Rooms

Once upon a time wealthy fabric merchants built for themselves a palazzo in then rural 15th-century Milan, where within its gardens Leonardo da Vinci strolled to recharge while working on “The Last Supper” in nearby Santa Maria delle Grazie. Belonging to the court of the Sforzas, the Atellani’s built their palazzo near the noble family […]

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The Louche Life

Posted March 23, 2015. Filed in Collected Cool, Italian Modernism, Moderne

The title of today’s post, The Louche Life, may conjure for many a disreputable association, but I intend it in the most complimentary way, in the sense that “louche” signals a seductive hedonism in the realm of the interior as theater for sensory pleasure and delight. If sexy interiors make you squirm, do not proceed […]

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A Lasting Impression

If not for a photo of the somewhat humble and rustic facade of this charming house in a Swiss village one might assume from the photos below that the rooms contained within belong to a château in the French countryside. An admitted nature-phobe, Frédéric Méchiche has no interest in bringing the natural splendor of the outdoors […]

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