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Monsieur Moderne – Part Tres

Posted May 16, 2013. Filed in Moderne, Uncategorized

The fashion designer Paul Poiret – who liberated women from their corsets at the turn-of-the-century, draping them instead in yards of fabric and kimono-style jackets – commissioned Robert Mallet-Stevens in 1920 to build a Modernist Art Deco villa, his first large project, Château de Mézy. “It was all-white, pure, majestic and a little provocative, just like […]

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Monsieur Moderne – Part Deux

Posted May 13, 2013. Filed in Moderne

After delving a bit further into what information exists on architect Robert Mallet-Stevens I became more fascinated with his distinctive oeuvre. I have to admit I was barely familiar with his name or body of work, or had forgotten him since those days of Design History 101 long ago. There are scant few photographs of […]

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Monsieur Moderne

Posted May 9, 2013. Filed in Moderne

After completing five posts on wondrous curiosity cabinets I am ready for a breath of fresh air; ready to leave the dark, cramped quarters of magpie collectors and their intellectual pursuits for wide open spaces and understated luxury. I’m ready for a vacation on the French Riveria at the Villa Noailles. The de Noailles name […]

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