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Posted June 10, 2014. Filed in Frédéric Méchiche, Minimalism, Moderne, Riviera Style

Several years ago Frédéric Méchiche decided upon a 17th-century house in the Ponche district of St. Tropez as a retreat before its being published by The World of Interiors in 2005. His vision was not to reproduce, what he refers to as, the “Provençaleries” rife throughout the region – those quaint and cozy country French […]

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Posted March 22, 2014. Filed in Classic Elegance, Emilio Terry, Picasso, Riviera Style

There are few things that settle in my memory and linger there, much like Proust’s madeleine, than does this image of a foyer in an 18th-century Palladian-style villa in the south of France known as Château de Clavary. Less grand than a château, de Clavary is reminiscent of the work of the 18th-century neo-classical architect Claude […]

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Riviera Style: Villa Nara Mondadori

Posted September 9, 2013. Filed in Moderne, Peter Marino, Riviera Style, Villas

Villa Nara Mondadori was designed and constructed by architect Oscar Niemeyer on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat in 1968, a Modernist anomaly amidst Belle Époque mansions peppered up and down the Côte d’Azur. But it no less signifies a taste for luxury by the monied set than does its extroverted, elaborate and highly stylized neighboring pink and ocher manses. […]

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Riviera Style: Villa Corinne

Konstantin and Natasha Kagalovsky had set their eyes for some time on the blush pink Belle Époque era villa next door to their own, Villa Mona – a golden-ocher villa built in 1902 with access to a private beach – on Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat.  “We were thinking how nice it would be if one day we could join […]

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Riviera Style: Le Clos Fiorentina

In the last post, Riviera Style, I extolled the sun-kissed charms of the French Riviera’s heyday and inception as playground to the rich and famous, beginning in the early 20th-century, stopping along the way to visit The Gerald Murphy’s at their Villa America in Cap d’Antibes, Coco Chanel at Villa La Pausa, Lady Kenmare and […]

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Riviera Style

There are few places that possess that heady combination of miles of stunning coastal scenery and white sand beaches, crystalline blue skies, a temperate climate, picturesque villages, gilded mansions and a glamorous, storied past as does the French Riviera. From St. Tropez to Monaco the beau monde of this fabled coast of the rich and […]

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