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Posted June 10, 2014. Filed in Frédéric Méchiche, Minimalism, Moderne, Riviera Style

Several years ago Frédéric Méchiche decided upon a 17th-century house in the Ponche district of St. Tropez as a retreat before its being published by The World of Interiors in 2005. His vision was not to reproduce, what he refers to as, the “Provençaleries” rife throughout the region – those quaint and cozy country French […]

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The House of Armani Redux

Posted April 9, 2014. Filed in Giorgio Armani, Minimalism, Moderne

In two of my earliest posts, Le Style Frank: The House of Armani and Le Style Frank: The House of Armani Revisited, I shared every known photo I possess of one of the most memorable and influential interiors with regard to my own decorative and architectural lexicon as it has developed over the years. The […]

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Le Style Frank: The House of Armani Revisited

In 1989 House and Garden magazine featured The House of Armani, Armani’s freshly remodeled and redesigned Milan pied-à-terre by architect and designer Peter Marino, in a four-hundred-year-old palazzo in the historic Brera section, which he moved into in 1982. When asked if he were pleased with the final outcome of the redesign of his rooms […]

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Le Style Frank: The House of Armani

No other interiors project, in my humble opinion, exemplifies le style Frank more than the Milan apartment created by architect and interior designer Peter Marino for Giorgio Armani in the early nineteen-nineties. The same disciplined aesthetic that has guided the fashion designer’s long career is evidenced in the quietly tasteful and luxuriously simple rooms crafted […]

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