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Throwback Thursday: François Catroux c. 1977

Posted June 12, 2014. Filed in Classic Contemporary, François Catroux

Today’s post is the second installment of Throwback Thursday featuring one of interior designer François Catroux’s early commissions for a bachelor, who had just purchased a spacious apartment in a grand and old elegant building in one of Paris’s most fashionable sections. Catroux’s new client’s apartment was well-suited to his maxim that the best of […]

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Great Outdoor Rooms: Plein-Air Living

Summertime has nearly arrived and there’s no better time than now to put the finishing touches on your outdoor living spaces. As a native Californian living in Houston I miss my home state’s indoor-outdoor quality of living – to be able to throw open the windows and doors and blur the lines between inside and […]

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Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Have you booked that enviable cozy banquette set into a discreet niche in your city’s most romantic restaurant? If not, sorry Charlie, you’re too late! At this point in time you will be lucky to score a booth at Applebee’s, which in all directness won’t score the points you’re aiming for. […]

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Chalet de Ferrières

Posted January 15, 2014. Filed in Baron and Baroness de Rothschild, Chalets, François Catroux

Chalet de Ferrières has been written and blogged about enough, this is true. All the same, I wanted a record of the several known photos published of the chalet in one concise place. My blog is as much a library of images that I reference for own projects and interests as it is a medium to […]

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Chez Catroux Provence

Posted July 25, 2013. Filed in François Catroux, Provence, Understated Luxury

Toujours Provence continues, bringing us to Betty and François Catroux’s 16th-century farmhouse, Les Ramades, in the Luberon. Imagine escaping here from Paris, approaching the property through apricot groves to a dead-end road lined with plane trees, where you then enter the intimate and highly stylish world of the Catroux’s. The approach only hints at what’s […]

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Toujours Provence

Summertime in Provence is a feast for the senses – fields of sleep-inducing lavender contrasting the positively sunny disposition of row upon row of sunflowers; the colorful and tempting displays of fruit, vegetables and flowers at village marchés arranged in eye-catching compositions reminiscent of a Cezanne or Van Gogh; aromatic herbs carrying their heady notes […]

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