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Winter Gardens

L’esprit du jardin d’hiver is in the air, a quest for a life-affirming sanctuary in colder climes. Russian royalty dedicated palaces to Winter, as with the sixteen-hundred room Winter Palace of the Romanov’s in St. Petersberg. Emperor Nikolai I decreed that Russian artist Eduard Gau create watercolor renderings of the Winter Palace’s interior, the Russian Empire’s […]

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Carolyne Roehm: Christmas in Connecticut

For me there is nothing more romantic and magical than celebrating the holidays in a rustic, yet elegant, environment where “the weather outside is frightful, but the fire [inside] is so delightful”! Growing up in northern California dreaming of a white Christmas was just that, a dream. Though Lake Tahoe was certainly an option my […]

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Deck the Halls

  With Christmas fast approaching and temps plunging, for at least some, the warmth and magic of the holiday season is finding its way into our hearts and homes. From elegant penthouses with commanding views to humble cottages and barns in pastoral settings, it’s that time of year once again to extend good cheer and […]

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A Thanksgiving Repast

Posted November 27, 2014. Filed in Carolyne Roehm, Holidays

As we gather round our Thanksgiving tables with friends and family let us remember the reason for this season and give thanks for our countless blessings and good fortune, and remember those less fortunate by reaching out in some way, no matter how small. May the beauty of this American tradition fill your homes and […]

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A Blue-And-White Delight

Posted August 18, 2014. Filed in Carolyne Roehm, Textiles, Tropical Style

Do you recall Quadrille’s stylish ad campaigns from the 1970’s and 1980’s? I don’t think there was a single one that didn’t captivate me. Aside from loving almost every pattern and colorway they design there was something personal and special about the vignettes they created for their print ads. Recently I introduced a feature on […]

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